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A guide made for products [and people]

Find anything from places to product ingredients

veginning is the best way to find vegan friendly places and full vegan products. Just go! to the guide, choose your category, and enjoy.

A very complete guide

Packed with a lot of categories, from food to cosmetic, veginning is ready to help you find: products, ingredients, places to get those products, tips from users, and much more.

Not just to find, but to add

You know about a vegan product but you can't find it in the guide? We got you cover! With veginning you can add vegan products to the guide and share them with your followers.

Scan Products

With our beta Scan feature, you could know if a product is vegan simply scanning its barcode. Currently, it will show you products within our database. So the more products you add (with a barcode) the more you help us, and the community.

Follow other vegans

Currently there is a global Activity Feed that will show all actions taken on our app, but if you like, you can follow other vegans who live in your country or always post awesome stuff, and soon you will get a more personalized feed full with people you choose to follow. And by all means follow us, we are amazing!

Create Relations

You see a vegan product you like, and you'll want to know where to get it. You see a cool vegan place and you'll want to know what they offer. All this obvious requirements of place & product relations are posible within the veginning app. Add places and products, and chain them together, help us to make the connection.

No one is left behind

All Places are Welcome

We believe that more vegan alternatives means more people taking the right choices. That's why we accept all places with at least one vegan product. We had separate those places in 3 Main Categories

Common Places

Places like supermarkets, local markets, and grosseries disccount markets fall into this Category, because even if they don't precisely care about vegans, they have a lot of vegan things around.

Vegan Friendly

Vegetarian places, Organic markets, Hare Krishna restaurants, and all those places that have a special menu to vegans, and know all about us, are welcome in this Category.

Full Vegan

This guys are doing it right: Specialized vegan markets, 100% vegan restaurants, and all others who only serve and sell vegan stuff, they all own this Category for good.

Use our app in the Mini Super

veginning in your pocket

Use our app on the go, the best way to add products is with the real thing in your hands. Psst, you don't even have to buy it in order to add it.

iPhone & Android app

Our iPhone app has finally hit Appstore's shelves, and you can get it for free. Also, checkout the Play Store for our Android app, that soon will be update to include maps.

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With new choices everyday

Going vegan is easier than ever

veginning is the right tool for you to take the right choices.
Your new vegan life, begins today!